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 Integrated Stereo Amplifier E-210/E-210A

photo : E-210

Parallel push-pull output stage delivers quality power: 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms
Current feedback circuit topology prevents phase shifts
High-gain power amplifier
E-210A incorporates high-performance phono stage
Logic-controlled relays for optimum
Speaker terminals accommodate also banana plugs

Current feedback topology assures supreme sonic realism and extraordinary detail resolution. High-gain power stage acts as a "straight wire with gain". Parallel push-pull output stage with multi-emitter power transistors delivers 80 watts/channel of quality power into 8 ohms. E-210A incorporates dedicated MM/MC phono equalizer stage.

E-210 Poweramp assembly
High-gain power amplifier assembly (one channel)

Output stage with parallel push-pull arrangement of multi-emitter power transistors, power MOS-FETs, and current feedback circuitry mounted to large heat sink

E-210 Phono equalizer assembly
Phono equalizer assembly (AD-210)

PCB with input jacks,dedicated power supply, separate MM and MC input stages and other circuitry
Analog disc specs are for E-210A.
With (A) mark: E-210A
Without (A) mark: E-210
The AD-210 cannot be installed by the user.

E-210 Remote commander RC-15
Supplied Remote Commander RC-15

Maximum Dimensions

Width :475 mm
Height : 150 mm
Depth : 417 mm
Weight : 18 kg

Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.

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