Leaving the analog/digital division far behind, this digital preamplifier features ultra high-speed DSP and complete readiness for the new generation of super high quality audio sources. The newly developed MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma) converter with 24-bit ultra high precision resolution results in dramatically enhanced performance. Witness a new dimension of audio perfection.

  • Fully digital preamplifier with ultra high-speed digital signal processing
  • Ready for new-generation formats such as SACD and DVD-Audio
  • Newly developed MDS type D/A converter minimizes distortion and assures outstanding S/N ratio
  • High-precision tone controls and loudness compensation implemented in the digital domain
  • Volume control with familiar analog feeling
  • Ultra jitter-free PLL circuit topology


  • C-3800
  • C-2810
  • C-2410
  • C-2110
  • DC-330
  • C-27
  • Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.