About the 64-bit version of the DC-901's USB driver

This driver supports 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.

Supported operating systems:  Windows7(64-bit) / WindowsVista(64-bit) / WindowsXP SP3(64-bit).
Note:  The supported computer operating systems are the above 64-bit versions of Windows. Updating is not required with other 32-bit versions of Windows or Mac OS(verified on 10.6 and later).

Updating procedure

  1. Click the download link below. Downloading starts.
  2. Store the downloaded file("USButy_v1r0a.exe") in the desired folder.
  3. Double-click "USButy_v1r0a.exe" to execute it. The file is automatically extracted and a folder is created.
  4. The "USB Utility Setup Guide"(.pdf) file, the "AcpDC901UsbAudioSetup"(.exe) file, and folders named "x32", "x64 folder" and "xp" are created within the folder created when the "USButy_v1r0a.exe" file is extracted.
  5. Follow the instructions in the USB Utility Setup Guide(.pdf) to install.

File name

"USButy_v1r0a.exe" (self-extracting compressed file, 4.77 Mbytes)


For inquiries

For any questions on installation, etc., please contact your local Accuphase Official Distributor or your local Accuphase Authorized Service Station.

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