The Home Theater Reference Experience offers a sound stage of overwhelming realism. Build a true high-end home theater with this superb A/V Control Center. 32-bit floating point processors operating at high speed perform all DSP functions. Analog output in 8 channels is created by MDS Plus type D/A converters. 40 character × 2 line display shows settings and allows quick access. Automatic speaker level adjustment assures highly accurate results.

  • Decoders for latest audio formats
  • 32-bit highspeed floating point DSP
  • MDS Plus type D/A converters for all 8 channels
  • Auto level adjustment for each speaker
  • Large 40 character ×2 line display for smooth function control
  • Lip-sync function
  • Total separation of audio and video sections
  • Optional line doubler and quadrupler
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Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.