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 Compact Disc Player DP-65V


Totally separate CD transport and processor sections
MMB type D/A converter assures amazing conversion precision
Two sets of digital inputs and outputs
Option board slots allow adding digital inputs and outputs
Fully digital control of CD mechanism
Balanced drive circuitry for servo motors

The DP-65V may look like a conventional Compact Disc player from the outside, but it really consists of an entirely separate transport section and digital processor combined in one unit. This product fully reflects Accuphase's extensive experience with high-class separate components for CD reproduction.

[Digital Processor Section]

MMB Type D/A Converter
The D/A converter in the processor section features the high-precision MMB principle developed by Accuphase. Four D/A converters selected according to strict sound quality criteria are connected in parallel, resulting in dramatically improved linearity, THD, dynamic range, and signal-to-noise ratio. Digital inputs allow use of this ultimate D/A conversion system also with external components.

20-Bit, 8-Times Oversampling Digital Filter
The purpose of a digital filter is to multiply the sampling frequency by an integer, thereby moving any spurious noise components far outside the audible range.
The filter in the DP-65V is manufactured by NPC and offers state-of-the-art characteristics in all vital aspects, such as absence of group delay, passband ripple, and attenuation. The filter approaches the theoretical limits of performance. The deemphasis stage features an IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) design to assure precise gain and phase characteristics.

Totally Separate Processor Section With Coaxial and Optical Input for Digital Signals
A digital input allows the user to enjoy the top-level performance of the processor section also with other components that can supply a digital signal, such as another CD transport unit, DAT recorder, MiniDisc recorder etc. For utmost flexibility, the input can handle both optical and coaxial connections. Internal processing of audio data is designed to manage all data from these inputs in 24-bit format.

Digital Level Control Prevents Sound Quality Deterioration
The 20-bit MMB D/A converter in the DP-65V has a 4-bit margin, which allows precise level attenuation down to -40 dB without any loss in signal quality.

Provisions for Direct Connection of Digital Voicing Equalizer DG-28
Because the CD transport section and digital processor section in the DP-65V are entirely separate, the DIGITAL Voicing Equalizer DG-28 can be inserted into the signal path, to allow sound field control of the signal entirely in the digital domain.

Fully Balanced Analog Output Circuitry
The audio output section features completely balanced circuitry which is isolated from the ground line. Any noise that may be induced in the signal path will be canceled out, so that the playback sound remains utterly pure and undiluted.

CD Transport Section
Fully Digital Control of CD Mechanizumu
The CD transport side of the DP-65V is impressive as well. For example, it uses fully digital circuits for mechanism control. This allows optimizing servo performance for each individual disc, assuring improved operation stability and a drastic reduction in error rate. The laser pickup is an ultra-compact type with integrated RF amplifier, and all actuators are driven by balanced circuits which do not conduct any current to the ground line. The tray lock feature firmly secures the tray during playback, eliminating mechanical resonances, which maintains the high purity of the digital signal.

Option Boards

The DP-65V has two dedicated slots which accept a variety of option boards (same as for DC-300 and DG-28 ). This allows the user to easily increase the number of inputs and outputs, simply by installing a desired board in a rear panel slot.

* Digital input board operates as additional input for processor section.
* Digital output board operates as additional output for CD transport section.
* All boards use the Accuphase Digital Bus (ADB) Interface.

* Guaranteed specifications are measured according to EIA standard CP-2402.
Test disc:CP-2403

* Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.

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