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 Electronic Frequency Dividing Network F-25

F-25 2-Way

In multi-amplifier systems where each speaker unit drives its own dedicated power amplifier, the frequency dividing network plays a very important role.
The F-25 providesbalanced inputs and outputs, and for the first time in a frequency divider-GIC(Generalized lmmittance Converter)type filters for highly accurate crossover frequency and attenuation settings.
The filters are designed with a Gaussian curve which assures excellent phase and impulse response characteristics. The basic configuration is for a two-way system, but by adding unit amplifiers, expansion to up to four channels is possible.
Crossover frequencies can be changed by using optional frequency boards (2ldifferent types).

F-25 3-Way
3-Way ( Option - LA-25,DN-25,FB-*** )

Main Performance Guarantee
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.003% (20 to 20,000Hz, output 2.0V)
Crossover characteristics: -3.0dB }5%
Filter slope: -12dB/octave, -18 dB/octave,-24dB/octave, selectable
S/N: 100dB or better (A-weighted)
Crossover frequencies (determined by optional boards) : 2l points
-70, l00, 130, 180, 250, 290, 300, 350, 500,650, 800, l,000, l,200, l,800, 2,500, 3,500, 5,000, 7,000, 8,000, 10,000, 12,500Hz

Main Features
Separate 1-dB step level controls for left and right channels
Output phase selector
Subwoofer selector
Maximum dimensions: 475mm (18-11/16") width, 170mm (6-13/16") height, 380mm (14-15/16") depth

Line Amplifier Unit LA-25
Filter Amplifier Unit DN-25
Frequency Boards FB-***** (2l types)

Line Amplifier Unit LA-25     Filter Amplifier Unit DN-25

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