A monophonic power amplifier with impressive muscle: 2000 watts into 1 ohm. MCS topology for input stage assures high S/N ratio. 22 wide-band high power transistors in parallel push-pull configuration. Power supply with massive 3 kVA toroidal power transformer realizes constant voltage speaker drive and delivers linear power down to impedances as low as one ohm. Teflon PCBs with low dielectric constant and minimum loss.

  • Ultra-powerful output stage with 22 parallel push-pull transistors maintains perfect linearity down to extremely low 1-ohm load impedance
  • MCS configuration in input stage
  • Stabilized power supply in driver stage
  • Current feedback circuit topology assures great sound and stable operation
  • Bridged use of two units possible for four times the output power
  • Massive Super Ring toroidal transformer rated for 3 kVA max.
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Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.