T-1000T-1000 Backview

Witness the DDS revolution - Advanced RF technology and latest digital knowhow join forces in this ultimate FM stereo tuner. The front end easily handles even very high signal levels. An "Advanced DGL" Detector delivers high performance and is fully adjustment-free. DS-DC based on digital signal processing assures ideal stereo demodulation performance. Choose between manually operated pulse tuning and 32-station memory. Explore the many other impressive features.

  • Revolutionary DDS principle for local oscillator
  • Dual-stage tuning front end easily handles high signal levels
  • High-performance "Advanced DGL" FM detector
  • DS-DC achieves ideal stereo demodulation with DSP technology
  • FREQ.TRIM function reduces adjacent station interference
  • 32 station memories also store reception settings
  • Pulse tuning principle
  • Digital output connector
  • Balanced outputs
  • Supplied remote control

Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.