For Warranty Support, After -Sales-Service and Technical Support, please refer to your local Accuphase Official Distributor or your local Accuphase Authorized Service Station.

Terms of Accuphase Warranty
The Accuphase warranty is not worldwide, but is limited only to the country, in which the product was purchased, and the first original purchaser. As Accuphase Warranty service is conducted by the individual authorized Accuphase distributor in each country, the warranty has no coverage outside the country where the warranty has been registered.

Warranty disclaimer information

Accuphase products are manufactured to each individual country's electrical specifications and voltages.Use or sale of Accuphase products outside of their respective country's territories, for example the use of 100 volt products in 120 or 220/230/240 volt products regions, 120 volt products in 100 or 220/230/240 volt regions and 220/230/240 volt products in 100 or 120 volt regions, automatically voids the Accuphase warranty of the affected product. Products whose voltage conversions were not authorized as well as use of transformers that step up/down the voltage will void the Accuphase warranty. Once Accuphase determines that a product has been used outside it's authorized country, that product will not be accepted for warranty or for service.

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