About the USB driver3(Ver1.0)

Note:   This software is for DP-770,DC-1000DP-750,DP-570,DP-450 and DAC-60
The software common for DC-901,DP-720, DP-550, DP-410 and DAC-40 is here.
The software common for DC-950, DP-560, DC-37 and DP-430/DAC-50 is here.

Supported operating systems:  
Windows11(64bit)* /Windows 10(64/32bit) / Windows 8.1(64/32bit) / Windows 7(64/32bit).
*It is the same version as before, but we were able to confirm that it is compatible with Windows 11(64bit).

Updating procedures

  1. Click "Download" in the USB utility 3 Setup files below and save it to the appropriate location.
  2. Unzip the "".
    Right-click on the zip file and select "Extract All" to create the folder and unzip all files.
  3. After extraction

  4. Follow the instructions in USB_Utilities_3_Setup_Guide(.pdf) to install.

USB utility3 set up files (ZIP compressed file, 8.40 Mbytes)


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