A-60 A-60 Backview

Aiming for the plus ultra Experience with peerless sound of pure class A and MOS-FETs. Input stage with MCS topology assures impeccable performance in all aspects with minimum noise and distortion. 10-parallel push-pull power MOS-FETs operating in pure class A, and power supply with massive 1 kVA toroidal transformer deliver linear power into ultra-low impedances down to 1 ohm. 4-step gain selector further reduces residual noise.

  • Pure Class A operation delivers quality power: 60 watts ×2 into 8 ohms
  • Power MOS-FET output stage features 10-parallel push-pull configuration
  • Input circuitry with MCS topology
  • Current feedback design combines superb sound with total operation stability
  • Bridged mode allows use as a monaural amplifier
  • Massive "Super Ring" toroidal transformer rated for 1 kVA
  • Dual-function power meters show digital readout or bar graph display
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Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.