C-3800 C-3800 Backview

The C-3800 now concentrates the extensive know-how and expertise gained over the years in the field of preamplifiers into a product that is destined to become the new reference for the next generation. Both in concept and circuit execution, this preamplifier stands at the very forefront of technology.
Foremost among the distinguishing features of the C-3800 is the further evolved "Balanced AAVA" concept. Two AAVA circuits are driven in a balanced configuration, resulting in ideal volume control behavior from balanced input to balanced output. The complete path for all signals from the input connectors to the outputs is fully balanced, ensuring utmost purity and further improved electrical characteristics.

  • Revolutionary "Balanced AAVA Volume Control"
  • Separate high-efficiency toroidal power transformers for left and right channels
  • Selectable preamp gain
  • Fully modular construction with separate left/right units for each amplifier stage
  • Logic-controlled relays for shortest signal paths
  • Independent phase selection for each input position
  • Printed circuit boards made from glass cloth fluorocarbon resin
  • Elegant cabinet with natural persimmons wood finish
Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.


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