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The Accuphase E-200 series of basic integrated amplifiers enjoys an excellent reputation both in Japan and on the international stage. The E-250 represents a full model change of the E-213, featuring the new AAVA-II volume control and reflecting the latest design technology advances achieved by Accuphase. Carefully selected highquality materials and parts are used throughout, in order to bring out even the fi nest nuances of the source. Using this integrated amplifier affords pure musical enjoyment.
In the category of integrated amplifiers, AAVA implemented in the E-550 and AAVA-II in the E-450 and E-350 have received high praise for being a clearly superior volume control principle.The E-250 inherits this advanced design technology. In order to fit within the more limited space available, circuitry and component layout have been further refined and advanced integration technology is used to increase mounting density. This was achieved while retaining the outstanding performance that made AAVA and previous AAVA-II implementations such impressive feats of technology. AAVA-II in the E-250 of course also completely eliminates variable resistors from the signal path. Amplification and volume control are integrated in a single entity consisting only of top-quality and highly reliable semiconductor parts. This eliminates mechanical wear and associated problems, allowing the control to function perfectly for many years.

  • Revolutionary AAVA-II volume control
  • Parallel push-pull output stage with high-power transistors delivers plenty of quality power
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle in power amplifier section allows fully balanced signal transmission
  • Current feedback topology
  • Logic-control relays for straight and short signal paths
  • Robust power supply with large transformer and high filtering capacity
Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.


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