About the USB driver(Ver1.3)

Note:   This software is common for DC-901, DP-720, DP-550, DP-410 and DAC-40.
The software for DP-950, DP-560, DC-37 and DP-430 is here.

Supported operating systems:  Windows 8.1(64/32bit) / Windows 8(64/32bit) / Windows 7(64/32bit) / Windows Vista(64/32bit) / Windows XP SP3(64/32bit).

The software(Ver1.4) for Windows 10 is here.

Updating procedures

  1. Click "Download" in the USB utility Setup files below and save it to the appropriate location.
  2. Unzip the "".
    Right-click on the zip file and select "Extract All" to create the folder and unzip all files.
  3. After extraction

  4. Follow the instructions in USB_Utilities_Setup_Guide(.pdf) to install.

USB utility set up files (ZIP compressed file, 7.61 Mbytes)


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