E-450 E-450 Backview

The E-450 succeeds the highly popular and successful Accuphase model E-408. It reflects latest research breakthroughs and features the innovative AAVA-II volume control principle. Only top-quality parts are used throughout its sophisticated circuitry. The overall result is an integrated amplifier that brings out even the most delicate nuances in the music with breathtaking immediacy.
The AAVA volume control principle developed by Accuphase totally revolutionizes the way that the listening volume is adjusted. However, in its initial form, AAVA required a considerable amount of physical space. With AAVA-II, Accuphase has now taken this principle to the next level, delivering the same peerless performance in a more compact form factor.

  • Revolutionary AAVA-II volume control
  • Parallel push-pulloutput stage with high-power transistors delivers plenty of quality power
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle enhances current feedback and MCS+ topology in power amplifier section
  • Logic-control relays for straight and short signal paths
  • Robust power supply with large toroidal transformer and high filtering capacity


Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.