P-7100P-7100 Backview

Impressive power amplifier capable of delivering 1000 watts×2 into 1 ohm. Amplification stages feature fully balanced signal paths as found in high quality instrumentation amplifiers. Further refined MCS+ topology and current feedback design result in even better S/N ratio, distortion, and other performance parameters. Massive, high-efficiency 1.5 kVA toroidal transformer and 11-parallel push-pull arrangement of high-power transistors deliver enormous amounts of linear power into ultra-low loads down to one ohm.

  • Powerful 11-parallel push-pull output stage in each channel delivers linear power into loads as low as one ohm
  • Instrumentation amplifier type design of amplification stages
  • Further refined MCS+ circuit topology
  • Current feedback circuit combines excellent sound quality with total operation stability
  • Bridged connection mode allows upgrading to true monophonic amplifier
  • 4-step gain control.
  • Massive Super Ring toroidal transformer rated for 1.5 kVA
Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.


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