DP-400 DP-400 Backview

Dedicated CD Player with high-precision drive — High-quality disc tray made from extruded aluminum, combined with ultra quiet and smooth loading mechanism. Processor section features further refi ned MDS++ type D/A converters. Fully separate transport and processor section, with coaxial and optical transport outputs and digital inputs, allowing easy insertion of DG-48 into signal path for sound fi eld correction in the digital domain.

  • High-precision CD drive, high-quality CD tray, and ultra quiet and smooth loading mechanism
  • MDS++ D/A converters and low-pass "Direct Balanced Filter" with totally separate balanced and unbalanced signal paths
  • Two sets of transport outputs and digital inputs allow insertion of DG-48 into signal path for sound field correction
  • Balanced and unbalanced analog outputs
Specifications and design subject to change without notice for improvements.
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